Video Surveillance Solutions

Video Surveillance Solutions

Get protection and peace of mind with an award-winning video surveillance platform.

Video surveillance provides round-the-clock monitoring of your commercial premises to deter crime, increase operational efficiencies and enhance the health and safety of your personnel, customers and community.

Our video surveillance solutions are smart and secure, using leading-edge cloud-based technology to help you stay aware of any issues or threats in real-time. Plus, no matter what happens on-site, you know your video is backed up and accessible in real-time in the cloud via the easy-to-use app on your mobile phone or browser. With a cloud-based solution, you can also trust you’re always using the latest, most up-to-date software.

Our tailored video surveillance solutions offer a live interface, elegant recorded video playback, nationwide and multi-site surveillance mapping, and interactive facility mapping, and they integrate with best-of-breed surveillance cameras.

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Get the benefits of video surveillance for your business with Nextro:

  • Deter unauthorised access and record necessary security evidence.
  • Offer enhanced security through 24/7 access monitoring.
  • Identify real-time threats through motion detection and respond to incidents faster.
  • Gain operational efficiencies and insights through the visibility of on-site operations.
  • Enhance site and workplace health and safety with the ability to detect, monitor and learn from unsafe acts.
  • Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as a force multiplier to detect and surface desired scenarios.
  • Easily access, store, manage and securely share recorded video footage.
  • Monitor and manage security across multiple sites from a single platform.
  • Integrate video surveillance with other core security solutions.

Learn more about Genetec Omnicast™

Get protection and peace of mind with our award-winning Genetec video surveillance platform.

Learn how to have real-time, secure access to footage anywhere you are.

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