Financial Risks of Cybersecurity Complacency
Understanding Financial Risks of Cybersecurity Complacency

A lack of proper data sanitisation and appropriate methods to manage the entire information lifecycle means those same organisations are providing bad actors with the opportunity to manufacture identity. This situation of storing as much data as possible is creating … Read More

Nextro WiFi 7 What Should You Know
Wi-Fi 7: What Should You Know?

As Wi-Fi 7 gains more traction as the latest wireless advancement that continues to make waves in the technology world, RUCKUS Networks has been working on bringing the aspects of this new technology to our readers to help prepare the … Read More

Nextro_Zero Trust Network
Protect Your Organisation’s Data with a Zero Trust Network

Understanding Zero Trust Able to get past even the most sophisticated and complicated cybersecurity programs, cybercriminals aka “cyberpirates” are stealing vital information from companies right and left. Not to fear – there is a new cyber security approach that is … Read More

Nextro_Cybersecurity in Manufacturing Processes
The Vital Role of Cybersecurity in Manufacturing Processes

In an era driven by technological advancements, manufacturers are engaged in a constant race against time and competition. Yet, amid the whirlwind of innovation, there’s an unseen menace lurking beneath cyberattacks. Join us as we navigate through the significance of … Read More

Nextro_Network Management
Seamless Network Management

RUCKUS One is an AI-driven network assurance and business intelligence platform that enables you to easily manage a converged multi-access public and private enterprise network, make better business decisions, and deliver exceptional user experiences. With flexible subscription and flexible deployment … Read More

Successful Digital Transformation
Strategies for Successful Digital Transformations

The Basics of Digital Transformation We live in a time of tremendous change and upheaval of technology, a trend that isn’t changing any time soon, if ever. Also known as digital transformations, these rapid and radical changes are a continual, … Read More

Challenges of Delivering High Quality WiFi
65% of Hotel Guest are Online Within Seven Minutes

According to a survey conducted by English hotelier Roomzzz, 65% of guests were online within seven minutes of checking in and one third requested the Wi-Fi® password as soon as they arrived. For most hotel guests, Wi-Fi is no longer … Read More

Cyber Resilience Nextro Solutions
Safeguard Your Company by Testing Its Cyber Resilience

What’s Cyber Resilience – And Why Does Resilience Matter? A company’s cybersecurity programme must be regularly assessed to ensure that it is sufficiently equipped to handle a cyber-attack and aligned with its cybersecurity needs. These assessments test a company’s cyber … Read More

Cloud-Managed Network Solution
Is A Cloud-Managed Network Solution Right for You?

As corporate data networks become more complex, pressure intensifies on the IT function to anticipate the business’s needs. And while IT budgets remain tight, the drive to delight customers while lifting security, resilience and agility inspires IT leaders to seek … Read More

Nextro High-Performance Enterprise
Meeting The Requirements of the High-Performance Enterprise

Enterprise networks have evolved from being utilities used by a limited selection of employees within an organisation, to become mission-critical infrastructure that supports every business function. The services that networks support are now central to the operation of every function; … Read More

Bring Your Own Device_Nextro
BYOD Requires Continued Revisiting to Keep Up with Tech

We have all heard of BYOB, but what about BYOD? Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a permanent fixture in the workforce. With the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, many employees work on personal devices. According to a study by Cybersecurity … Read More

WiFi 6E_Nextro_Managed Network
Wi-Fi 6E: Essential Network Upgrade, or Just a Nice-to-Have?

What’s Wi-Fi 6E? Wi-Fi 6E is an extension of the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard. What does “extension” mean? In this case, Wi-Fi 6E extends the wireless spectrum that was previously allocated to Wi-Fi 6, now allowing devices to connect via the … Read More

Cybercrime Attacks
Cybercrime vs. Your Business: Why You Should Care

In this age of digital marvels, the cybersecurity challenge weighs heavily on businesses of all sizes. Across the spectrum, companies are regularly fighting through incidents such as breaches, data leaks, advanced persistent threats, and ransomware attacks. Great costs affect those … Read More

Next Generation Network
Next-Generation Networks – What You Need Them To Do

Today’s networks need to be optimised for wireless-first and The Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. You need a flexible network infrastructure that supports both multigigabit fibre and copper connectivity plus high power over Ethernet (PoE) power at the edge and … Read More

Cybersecurity - Risk Mitigation Strategy
Identify IT Weaknesses, Strengthen Security, & Avoid Attacks

Vulnerability testing is designed to identify weaknesses in your network, which tells you where and how to strengthen your security posture. Left untested, unknown weak spots can facilitate security incidents like ransomware attacks, malware, and data breaches. When was the … Read More

Network Efficiencies for hotels
Tapping into Network Efficiencies for the Hotel Industry

Australia’s hotel and tourism industries were hit hard over the past few years but still remain key pillars in reviving the country’s post-pandemic recovery in the new normal. These sectors suffered a loss of around $1.3 trillion AUD in total, according … Read More

Connectivity Solutions - WIFI Management
Optimise the MDU Wi-Fi Experience

In this Nextro’s Insights, we explore how RUCKUS® solutions empower managed service providers (MSPs) to enhance the Wi-Fi experience in multi-dwelling units (MDUs). With reliable, high-performance technology interoperability and flexibility, MSPs can confidently manage MDU connectivity, delight property owners, and … Read More

Enhancing Security Center Genetec
Nextro’s top 10 tips to get the most out of Genetec Security Center

Ensuring the safety and security of people and property as well as being operationally efficient are top priorities for Kiwi businesses. Installing and managing a comprehensive and unified security and analytics system with hundreds of cameras, access-controlled doors, intercoms, speakers, … Read More

Network Aged Care residences
Questions for Aged Care’s Digital Decision

You can’t have a high-quality aged care experience without high-quality digital infrastructure. With 16% of the Australian population now aged 65 and older – a figure set to steadily rise for the extended future – the need for post-retirement care … Read More

Guide to Network Design for hospitality
A Practical Guide: Designing for Hospitality

Designing for Hospitality is written to provide a framework for network professionals, engineers, designers, and WLAN architects to use when designing and implementing the connectivity infrastructure in hotel and hospitality environments. What’s Inside? Network design for hospitality comes with its … Read More

IoT Security
Strengthen Your IoT Security Today

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionising how we live and work, connecting everyday devices to the internet and allowing for unprecedented levels of automation and convenience. However, with this increased connectivity comes increased security risks. As IoT devices collect, … Read More

Protect Your Business Data with These 6 Tips
Protect Your Business Data with These 6 Tips

Data is a critical asset for any business, and managing it properly can help you make better decisions, improve efficiency, and increase profitability. But with the proliferation of data sources and the rapid growth in technology, managing your business data … Read More

Connectivity Solutions Multi-Dwelling Unit
Connectivity Solutions for Multi-Dwelling Unit Properties

You invest a lot to provide a great living experience in your multi-dwelling units (MDUs). Whether it’s student or military housing, luxury apartment complexes, senior living or other properties, your residents expect more. They no longer see you as just … Read More