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We work with businesses and critical infrastructure managers across a range of industries and sectors to provide trusted security and network solutions and advisory services.

Airport Security Solutions


With complex logistical requirements and high-level security expectations, airports, as critical infrastructure, need sophisticated and highly redundant security and cybersecurity systems that identify, mitigate and respond to threats quickly. We implement and manage leading-edge physical and cybersecurity solutions to keep airports operating safely.

Port Security and Operational Solutions


With complex operational demands, ports, as critical infrastructure, have unique requirements when it comes to access, security and connectivity in order to minimise disruption and maintain operations. Our security, cybersecurity and network solutions support ports and logistics operators through the use of best-of-breed physical and cybersecurity and monitoring solutions and advice based on local and global experience.

Sport and Events Security Solutions

Event and Sport Venues 

Large crowds and facilities come with complex management requirements. We work with large venues and crowded places to implement a full-spectrum of security, communications and connectivity solutions for safe, accessible and efficient operations.

Crowded Places Security Solutions

Crowded Places

Whether it’s for daily use or special events, communities rely on technology to offer safe shared spaces and venues, where both people and public property are protected. Our industry-leading solutions encompass physical security and cybersecurity to offer connected and secure Crowded Places. Our advisory service can help you implement a Crowded Places strategy at your venue.

Retail Network and Security Solutions


Challenges and threats for retailers have evolved, as have customer expectations. We provide recommendations and solutions to businesses in the retail sector to mitigate theft and damage, while creating a secure, connected environment that helps you deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Digital Billboard Network Solutions

Digital Out-of-home Advertising (DOOH)

DOOH Advertising offers brands an effective way to reach more people through digital billboards and signage, but both the physical device and the software that powers it need to be protected. Our security solutions prevent unauthorised access, alert you to threats, and ensure that your messages are delivered without disruption. Our proof-of-play solution for digital billboards ensures that you can see, in real-time, what is showing on your billboards and also whether there are any LED faults requiring maintenance.

Hotel and Resort Network and Security Solutions

Hotels and Resorts

Ensure the convenience and security of guests and employees, and efficiency of operation, even across large resort complexes, with cybersecurity, managed networks and guest WiFi, as well as physical security solutions such as video surveillance, access control, and intrusion detection. .

Hospitality Network and Security Solutions


Ensure the security of your venue and the safety of your patrons with sophisticated physical security, video surveillance and access control solutions. Provide seamless guest experience with managed networks and WiFi that keep your business connected and support the ease and efficiency of your operations.

Corporate Network and Security Solutions


Today’s businesses rely on sophisticated technology in accessible, secure and efficient environments to enable high performance and deliver on customer experience. We help design and implement security, cloud infrastructure, network and cybersecurity solutions that support successful enterprises.

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