Integrated Access Control

Physical access control solutions for your business

Enhance operational security with unified access control for your commercial premises.

Minimise security risks by managing all access points on your premises, at the perimeter and internally, through centralised control. Access control gives you a customisable means to manage risk, security and safety on your site, using contactless or multi-modal identification systems. It’s simple for users but uses sophisticated technology to prevent unauthorised access.

Nextro’s platform of choice, Genetec Synergis™, is integrated with the Genetec video surveillance platform via Genetec Security Center, letting you get on with business knowing that your team is equipped to gain enhanced security and operational insights through a single interface.

With Genetec Security Center, you can simplify and unify your access control along with your video surveillance, licence plate recognition, intrusion detection and SIP-based voice communication. This means all your security systems, sensors, and data are in one interface to simplify your operations.

Access control system for building security

Get the benefits of access control for your business with Nextro

  • Mitigate the security risk of unauthorised access.
  • Easily manage access permissions across multiple access points.
  • Unify control across your suite of security solutions. 
  • Advanced encryption to protect data.

Learn more about Genetec Synergy™

Genetec Synergis™ access control system heightens your organisation’s security and operational posture and delivers efficiencies with a truly open system using non-proprietary hardware.

Learn how to simplify and unify your access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection and other security systems.

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