Genetec Mission Control

Genetec Mission Control

Identify issues and take action quickly with simplified, centralised security monitoring.

Between smarter sensors, the growing number of devices, and the multiplication of systems, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with security data. All of this noise makes it difficult to identify the true threats hiding among many notifications. The danger is finding yourself reacting to incidents only after they’ve escalated.

Genetec Mission Control™ is an automated decision management system that helps you understand unfolding events and quickly identify and follow the best course of action. It also simplifies the response coordination between stakeholders, so that you can resolve issues faster.

Mission Control separates incidents that need your attention from minor notifications. It analyses events from your entire system. It detects patterns that signal real threats and automates routine tasks. When an emergency occurs, it guides your team to respond quickly and confidently. This means more rapid escalation of critical events, fewer disruptions to your normal operations, and a faster return to normal.

Genetec Mission Control - simplified security monitoring

Get the benefits of Genetec Mission Control™ for your business:

  • Simplify security monitoring in one centralised platform.
  • Quickly identify the best course of action.
  • Proactively resolve issues before they become more significant threats.
  • Coordinate stakeholders to manage the response.
  • Full audit trail for after-the-fact incident analysis.

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Genetec Mission Control simplifies the response coordination between stakeholders, speeding up incident resolution.

Learn how to provide your business with dramatic security and operational efficiencies. 

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