Genetec Clearance

Genetec Clearance

Organise evidence and case files with a digital evidence management platform.

As the use of video recordings and multimedia in investigations and judicial cases continues to grow, organisations are struggling to handle the increased volume, complexity and variety of data used in modern investigations.

Further, with file sizes increasing, it’s more difficult for security personnel to securely hand over evidence when requested by law enforcement agencies or for internal investigations. Genetec Clearance™ helps you organise and share evidence and handle case files digitally from a single cloud-based application, and grants secure, instant access to evidence at the click of a button.

Genetec Clearance™ ensures that information is only shared with authorised individuals in and outside your organisation. This means faster and safer sharing of evidence at a lower cost without dealing with DVDs, USB drives, and shared files from inside your security network.

Genetec Clearance video footage management system

Get the benefits of Genetec Clearance™:

  • Easily manage video footage as digital evidence for law enforcement investigations.
  • Organise and handle case files from a single application.
  • Control access to only authorised individuals and have an audit trail of that access.
  • No longer rely on physical files for recording (such as USB drives).

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Handle pieces of evidence and files from a single application and grant instant access to evidence at the click of a button.

Learn how to save time as you collect, manage, and share evidence. 

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