Reliable and secure network, cybersecurity and physical security solutions for business critical operations

Robust network infrastructure for today’s businesses

Network infrastructure underpins every aspect of today’s businesses, from supporting core systems, through to business operations, as well as physical and electronic security systems. Nextro understands that there is no room for compromise when it comes to connectivity and security. Your business demands sophisticated, fast, and dependable network and security solutions that not only enhance operational efficiency and scalability but also secure site operations.

Tailored solutions for enhanced security and efficiency

At Nextro, we’re attuned to these needs and provide unified solutions from industry-leading vendors to meet the challenges related to network infrastructure, cybersecurity, and physical security. Our solutions support the enabling and securing of business-critical applications such as voice, email and cloud environments, as well as securing site operations and enhancing efficiencies with video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection and IoT/sensors. All of these need to be designed, secured and managed to support the growth and operational aspirations specific to your business.

Nextro Network and Security Solutions

AI-driven security for enhanced protection

To do this, our in-house experts work with and leverage trusted technologies from our global partners. Our advanced cybersecurity and physical security solutions are enhanced with AI and machine learning to supercharge our offering, allowing your business to achieve more with less resource.

We start with a conversation

We seek to understand the dynamic needs of your business to determine the most effective technology, network, and security infrastructure that will allow your organisation to operate as efficiently and as securely as possible.  

Clarity, certainty & continuity when it matters most

A changing world brings with it changing business models. Being a business that is agile enough to adapt to flexible and remote ways of working minimises disruption, ensures business continuity, and leverages the opportunities for improved collaboration – no matter where your workforce is located. 

To do this, you need the right systems that are secure, reliable and scalable. We can help with that.

Our solutions are bespoke, scalable and built to withstand an ever-changing threat landscape

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