OT Networks & Building Services Networks

Operational Technology and Building Services Networks

Connecting and securing key building and facilities services.

You need safe, secure and efficient building and facilities management systems that are easy for you and your supply partners to support, manage and maintain. However, as needs change and technology has evolved, it’s likely you’ve found yourself dealing with different systems from different suppliers, with some legacy systems isolated and without remote access and some newer systems fully integrated with remote access and management capabilities. 

The result may be a disconnected solution that doesn’t operate as efficiently or as conveniently as it could. And, without documentation and agreed security protocols, it becomes not only confusing, but a potentially insecure system that can be complex and costly to manage. 

Luckily, a solution exists instead that enables seamless connectivity and integration of smart building systems as well as secure remote access and secure connectivity to the cloud.

Building Services Networks

We are specialists in executing secure, resilient and remotely accessible Operational Technology and Building Services Networks.

If you’re struggling with disparate systems, we can help you achieve a building system that is appropriately connected, integrated, and residing on a secure and managed building operations network. 

This is a dedicated, smart building and security operations network, separate from any on-site corporate network. Therefore, it maintains the site’s corporate network integrity. It connects and secures new and legacy smart buildings, security, facilities management, and access control systems – allowing platforms to be operated and maintained, all remotely.

The Building Services Network is specifically designed to meet the requirements of your site, and is scalable to allow for future additions of new smart building platforms and security and facilities management systems over time. You’ll get a firewall-protected, fibre-connected, secure, managed network that connects and secures access to each of the security, building and facilities management systems at your site. Multiple sites and buildings can be securely connected, allowing certain BMS and access control systems to be shared between sites. All building management and security systems can be accessed remotely and only by authorised users or authenticated remote/cloud platforms. All remote connections are secured with VPNs or via secure cloud connectivity.

More benefits of Operational Technology and Building Services Networks with Nextro:

  • Any IP device on the network can be monitored for uptime, providing real-time alerts of smart building systems or component outages.
  • Buildings on the Building Services Network can focus fewer resources more effectively, anticipating and targeting maintenance and repair issues before they interrupt operations.
  • Enables secure site-to-site VPN connectivity to private or public cloud (e.g. Azure) for off-site back-up or connectivity of smart building edge server to its cloud platform.
  • Installation of the SaferCities NUC & connectivity to NZ Police allows your site to join the SaferCities network with Police able to stream site cameras in an emergency.

We provide a secure and resilient Building Services Network infrastructure for medium to large commercial, residential and industrial buildings and sites. Our Building Services Network connects and provides secure remote access to services at your site, such as:

  • Building management and automation systems (BMS)
  • Access control systems (ACS)
  • Video surveillance systems (CCTV) 
  • Lift control systems 
  • Alarm and panic alarm systems
  • Parking control systems
  • Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems (HVAC)
  • Audiovisual and digital signage systems (AV)
  • Lighting control systems 
  • Uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS)

Your Building Services Network will be provided as a managed service by us, and the components of the network (fibre connection, firewall, managed switches, UPS), are all remotely monitored, managed and supported via tailored, best-of-breed cloud platforms residing securely in our virtual private cloud environment.

For an integrated, secure and resilient Building Services Network, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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