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Firewall & cybersecurity solutions

Safeguard your critical infrastructure, data, and operations from internet-based threats with advanced cyber protection.

As cybersecurity threats continue to become more sophisticated, your business needs advanced protection against risks such as intrusion/hacking, phishing, malware, and ransomware, so that you can safeguard your networks, systems, devices, and data.

Firewalls enable you to monitor, analyse, restrict or enable traffic to and from, as well as across, your network. Good cybersecurity defence doesn’t stop there – it also comes down to having the processes, awareness and training to help stop or mitigate the impact of attacks in the first place.

Nextro can support your business to establish and maintain multiple layers of protection to reduce the likelihood of threats and also enable you to detect and respond quickly to potential security breaches, thereby mitigating the impact. This includes vulnerability assessments, policy development, cybersecurity implementation, compliance, user awareness training, application security, 24/7 security event monitoring, and incident response.

Firewall and Cybersecurity Solutions from Nextro

Get the benefits of firewalls and cybersecurity protection from Nextro:

  • Block unauthorised access, safeguard against external threats and monitor network traffic.
  • Encrypt communications to protect sensitive data from breaches.
  • Detect and block malware, preserving the integrity of digital assets.
  • Support secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections for safe remote access to the network.
  • Get insights into network traffic, enabling monitoring, threat identification, and policy enforcement.

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