Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems

Verify access to and increase efficiency at your site with secure two-way audio and video communications.

A reliable two-way communication system, or intercom, becomes a critical part of managing entry to and communications within premises of any size. Intercoms and IP-based communications (whether from an intercom point, IP phone, or mobile app, allow you from anywhere to see and speak to a person at a door, gate or other connected location before taking action. This provides an important line of defence or connectivity as part of an integrated security, communications, or safety solution, as well as enhancing efficient customer service.

Intercoms can also be managed remotely, meaning you can communicate with visitors or enable access from another location or after hours. Nextro’s IP-based intercom systems also allow you to communicate via PA systems for announcements or broadcast messages to employees, visitors or customers, either on the interior or exterior of your site.

Our intercom solutions are designed to meet the needs or challenges of your business. As intercom functionality is a core function of Genetec Security Centre, intercoms can work alongside and enhance other security measures to help keep your people and your business assets safe and connected.

Intercom System Security Solutions

Get the benefits of an Intercom system for your business with Nextro:

  • Deter and detect unauthorised access and vandalism.
  • Safely manage access to your premises through clear identification of personnel or visitors through video or audio.
  • Make broadcast announcements to communicate with visitors or employees
  • Manage access remotely and after hours.
  • Use call groups and call flows to manage the routing of intercom calls depending on the time of day.

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