Intrusion Detection Systems

Intrusion detection systems

Prevent and detect intrusions with restricted security area surveillance.

An alarm system is a simple and effective means of deterring unauthorised access and alerting you to potential threats in real-time. However, with threats continually evolving, organisations need sophisticated perimeter and wide-open area management systems to detect and track a variety of intrusion types accurately.

Our alarm and intrusion detection systems provide a virtual perimeter, using sensors to identify intruders and enabling you to track moving target speed and direction on geographical maps, intuitively displayed on the screen. You can arm and disarm detection zones as needed and integrate your system to work alongside other security solutions.

We’ll work with you to understand your site’s security and operational needs and challenges, and provide you with a recommended solution that leverages the latest intrusion technology to protect your people and your business assets.

Alarm system intrusion detection

Get the benefits of intrusion detection for your business with Nextro:

  • Detect and prevent intrusions before they happen.
  • Manage threats in real-time with tracking across detection zones. 
  • Experience a reduced rate of false alarms. 
  • Use multiple sensors to verify a single target.
  •  Manage investigations with video surveillance recordings.
  • Integrate your intrusion detection system with other security solutions

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