Get advanced connectivity, scalability and security through software-defined wide-area networks.

Dynamic, software-defined WANs optimise your network for robust and agile performance at any scale. SD-WAN simplifies WAN architecture and helps your organisation achieve efficiency through automation, self-healing, access to advanced cybersecurity, and more insightful analytics.

SD-WAN reduces cost and complexity when compared to traditional WAN architecture, giving you fast, flexible connectivity through different network environments. SD-WAN improves application performance, reduces latency, and fortifies your network against cybersecurity threats.

Our managed SD-WAN solutions connect head offices, branch networks, employees and cloud resources to ensure a consistent and reliable experience. Nextro manages and supports SD-WAN connectivity across Australia and New Zealand, with any combination of ultrafast fibre, satellite, 4G/5G, and even legacy VDSL connections.

SD-WAN Network Solutions for Businesses

Get the benefits of SD-WAN with Nextro:

  • Enhance network performance by intelligently routing traffic, reducing latency, and prioritising critical applications.
  • Boost security with secure connections, data encryption and a reliable and protected network environment.
  • Get greater flexibility to adapt to changing business needs, scale and deploy new services.
  • More efficiently monitor, configure, and troubleshoot the network from a single interface.
  • Enjoy management and support for connections across New Zealand and Australia.

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