AI & Machine Learning Solutions

Artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions

Use artificial intelligence and machine learning as a force multiplier.

With the rapidly growing number of video streams and information in-flows, businesses are struggling to identify and respond to events that may be caught by cameras, doors, sensors, or in-field IOT devices that are not monitored 24/7 or up on the video wall. 

Also, with all these cameras and video streams, there is analytical data that is not being captured or leveraged for business analytics or actionable insights. 

Nextro uses AI and machine learning to help all facets of a business surface up or analyse the right data, whether it be the security team, the operations team, the marketing team or the health and safety team. The use of AI and machine learning overlaid on video surveillance cameras supercharges incident response times and delivers up valuable and actionable business insights. 

Whether the AI processing takes place on the edge (i.e. on the camera unit itself) or is centralised on a server, Nextro combines sensing and computer vision to identify designated objects and suspicious behaviour or to measure asset utility.  Nextro then uses Genetec to display the incident/finding and to decide on the next steps (i.e. person falling over, automatically notify the security team or, if a liquid spill is detected, automatically notify the maintenance team). 

Analytics solutions for video surveillance systems

Use AI and deep learning to surface incident information and analytical data:

  • Human and object detection with activity classification.
  • Single and multi-camera target tracking.
  • Abandoned object detection.
  • Recognition using biometric information or appearance.
  • Monitoring crowd behaviour or queue characteristics.
  • Measuring asset utilisation.

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