Leading the Charge: RUCKUS’s Wi-Fi 7 Platform Sets New Interoperability Standards

The Wi-Fi Alliance has selected the RUCKUS R770 access point, part of the RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 platform, for its Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ interoperability certification test bed. As the only commercial access point in the test bed, the R770 will ensure unmatched interoperability and advanced performance for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 devices globally.

This milestone cements RUCKUS’ position as an innovator and leader in campus networking. With the R770 at the forefront, RUCKUS continues to push boundaries and set new standards for wireless connectivity.

The Significance of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7

Wi-Fi 7, the newest generation of Wi-Fi, offers substantial improvements over previous versions:

  • Extreme multi-gigabit speeds exceeding 10 Gbps
  • Ultra-low latency under 5 milliseconds
  • Expanded capacity to support more concurrent devices
  • New 6 GHz spectrum for less interference

These capabilities open the door for advanced applications like 8K video streaming, multiplayer VR gaming, high-density IoT, and mission-critical services. Wi-Fi 7 delivers the reliable, high-performance wireless connectivity that these next-generation use cases demand. To realise Wi-Fi 7’s full potential, however, client devices and access points must seamlessly interoperate despite being from different vendors. This is where Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 comes in.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 guarantees complete interoperability through rigorous testing. The Wi-Fi Alliance’s certification program verifies that devices implement the latest IEEE 802.11be standard correctly and consistently. Passing these stringent tests is the mark of a well-engineered Wi-Fi 7 product. By contributing its R770 access point to the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 test bed, RUCKUS plays a pivotal role in moving the entire Wi-Fi 7 ecosystem forward.

RUCKUS R770 Leads the Market in Wi-Fi 7 Innovation

The RUCKUS R770 isn’t just any Wi-Fi 7 AP. As one of the very first enterprise-class devices supporting the new standard, it packs best-in-class features and performance. This starts with blazing-fast wireless throughput reaching over 12 Gbps thanks to:

  • Support for 320 MHz-wide channels and 4K QAM modulation
  • 12 spatial streams across tri-band 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and new 6 GHz radios
  • Multi-gigabit 10 GbE backhaul

The R770 builds on this speed with RUCKUS’ patented BeamFlex+ antenna technology. Its adaptive antenna array automatically steers signals toward clients, maximising range and reliability. This lets the R770 maintain robust connections even in challenging deployment sites.

Rounding out the R770’s capabilities is RUCKUS AI cloud-based machine learning. RUCKUS AI gives administrators comprehensive visibility into network conditions, traffic patterns, and device health. Its advanced analytics and automation optimise Wi-Fi performance, troubleshoot issues proactively, and simplify management. With game-changing throughput and intelligence, the R770 delivers the uncompromising performance that Wi-Fi 7 demands. The R770 also epitomises RUCKUS’ spirit of trailblazing innovation.

RUCKUS: A Proven Leader in Wireless Connectivity

RUCKUS’ central role in Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 builds on its reputation as a leader in high-performance wireless networking:

1. Pioneering advanced Wi-Fi standards

RUCKUS was early to market with Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 platforms. Its Wi-Fi expertise lets RUCKUS rapidly develop cutting-edge, interoperable APs.

2. Top-tier technology partnerships

RUCKUS has long-standing relationships with wireless pioneers like Qualcomm and Broadcom to integrate the latest chipsets.

3. Real-world performance

From crowded stadiums to warehouse robotics, RUCKUS’ patented technologies excel in harsh, high-density environments

4. Carrier-grade reliability

RUCKUS hardware and software meet rigorous tier-1 carrier standards for uninterrupted operation

5. Easy scalability

Whether an SMB or large enterprise, RUCKUS Wi-Fi solutions scale gracefully to deliver seamless, unified connectivity.

With over 70 technology patents and Industry Impact Awards from the Wi-Fi Alliance, RUCKUS has an undisputed track record of wireless innovation. The R770 and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 build on this foundation of excellence. As Wi-Fi 7 gains mainstream adoption, organisations can trust RUCKUS to lead the way.

RUCKUS R770 Brings the Future of Connectivity

The RUCKUS R770 isn’t just a cutting-edge Wi-Fi 7 AP; it epitomises the future of wireless. With extreme multi-gigabit throughput, millisecond latency, and carrier-grade operation, the R770 enables applications only imagined just years ago.

At the same time, the R770 integrates breakthrough technologies like AI-driven optimisation, IoT integration, and dynamic mesh networking. These capabilities not only boost performance today but also adapt to tomorrow’s needs.

For IT teams, the R770 delivers next-generation wireless in a familiar, easy-to-use platform. It interoperates seamlessly with existing networks thanks to Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7.

RUCKUS Wi-Fi management tools like SmartZone and Cloud simplify massive-scale administration and automation. Whether upgrading wireless capacity or deploying greenfield networks, the R770 brings the promise of Wi-Fi 7 to reality.

RUCKUS: Networks Without Limits

With the R770’s innovative technology and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7’s interoperability, RUCKUS breaks organisations free from wireless limitations:

  • Unconstrained bandwidth – Multi-gigabit speeds support unlimited users and applications
  • Ultra reliability – Carrier-grade Wi-Fi replaces cables for mission-critical access
  • Low latency – Interact with remote devices in near real-time
  • Maximised capacity – Optimised smart antennas connect thousands of devices per AP
  • Simplified deployment – Intuitive controllerless and cloud management

Yet the R770 isn’t just extreme Wi-Fi. It strikes the right balance between bleeding-edge capabilities and real-world deployment. The R770 gives organisations a smooth upgrade path to Wi-Fi 7. It integrates without replacing existing networks, thanks to Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7’s promise of multi-vendor interoperability. With minimal disruption and cost, the R770 lets organisations adopt Wi-Fi 7 at their own pace. At the same time, it enables them to take advantage of Wi-Fi 7’s phenomenal performance immediately. This makes deploying the R770 a no-compromise, future-proof decision.

Embrace the Future with Nextro

As Wi-Fi 7 gains widespread adoption, Nextro network solutions will continue serving as the benchmark for high-performance wireless. , organisations can embrace a future without connectivity barriers.

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