Nextro helps Port Taranaki transform its security and operations with new, state-of-the-art, communications room

Nextro is proud to announce the successful go-live of the unified operations and security centre for our customer, Port Taranaki.  

This upgrade positions the port at the forefront of modern in-port maritime security and operational efficiency and is the result of a well-executed strategy by Port Taranaki’s security and operations team in pursuit of their vision for a unified operations centre powered by Genetec and Axis Communications.  

This state-of-the-art enhancement is a strategic shift that not only boosts port security, but also improves visibility and control of port operations, as well as enhancing health and safety.  

Enhancing Security in a Complex Environment 

Port Taranaki’s commitment to security is underscored by the Maritime Security Act 2004, which mandates rigorous measures such as restricted access and constant monitoring of perimeter and operations.  

Mark Stewart, the project manager for this upgrade, emphasised the critical nature of top-tier security: “Security at the top end is very, very important. If you don’t have security, you don’t have a port, because you are not meeting international obligations.” 

Unifying Security and Operations 

The heart of this upgrade is the newly established Security/Comms Room, which merges multiple facets of port operations and security into a centralised control hub at the Port Taranaki Centre.  

In this new comms room, Nextro, together with Port Taranaki’s team and other partners, has combined video surveillance, intercoms, access control, alarms, port operations, and emergency/fire systems into a single ops centre – materially improving overall visibility, control, efficiency and safety. 

Key additions include: 

Distributed Control System Integration: This allows for remote access to vital systems such as fire water systems, gas pipelines, and alarms, enhancing both safety and operational efficiency. 

Internet-Enabled Communication: The new setup replaces traditional radio systems and enables seamless communication over the Internet between the control room, incoming ships, and various port channels. 

Ultra-high-definition monitors: The installation of new 4K monitors provides clear and detailed visuals from the on-port video surveillance system. 

Expanded Monitoring Capabilities: With the number of screens increasing from three to 14, operators can now simultaneously monitor weather conditions, the Shore Tension mooring system, and multiple camera feeds. The system also supports footage review from the past 30 days, offering a robust tool for incident analysis and operational review. 

A Leap Forward in Operational Efficiency 

Mark Stewart describes the Genetec upgrade as a “massive step forward” from the previous system, highlighting the enhanced control, knowledge, and visibility it brings to port operations. “The comms and security officer is a very responsible position, so this upgrade assists them with their work, which is fantastic,” he added. 

The integration of these advanced systems means that all aspects of port operations, including customer assets and activities, are now meticulously monitored from a single, sophisticated centre. This ensures compliance with international security standards and significantly boosts the port’s operational efficiency and safety protocols. 

Future-Ready Security 

Nextro’s design ensures that Port Taranaki is well-prepared for future technological advancements. The infrastructure is built to accommodate additional tech enhancements, ensuring that the port remains at the forefront of maritime security and operations for years to come. 

Nextro’s successful upgrade of Port Taranaki’s security system marks a significant milestone in maritime safety and operational efficiency. This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering best-of-breed security solutions to protect critical infrastructure and commerce and enhance operational capabilities.  

Congratulations to Port Taranaki and the project team on the successful execution of their vision for a future-proofed, unified, security and operations platform that sits at the heart of Port Taranaki Centre.