Optimise the MDU Wi-Fi Experience

In this Nextro’s Insights, we explore how RUCKUS® solutions empower managed service providers (MSPs) to enhance the Wi-Fi experience in multi-dwelling units (MDUs). With reliable, high-performance technology interoperability and flexibility, MSPs can confidently manage MDU connectivity, delight property owners, and attract and retain residents.


Reliable, high-performance technology

MSPs insist on specifying RUCKUS solutions because they know the technology works as intended, minimising service headaches and making them look good to their customers. Our always-on connectivity has the same positive impact on resident satisfaction, which helps property owners attract and retain residents. So does the ability to provide next-gen “smart” door locks, thermostats, appliance and lighting control and more.

Ready for what’s next, right now

With RUCKUS solutions, MSPs don’t need to know the future of connectivity to feel confident they’re prepared for it. Our portfolio is engineered to support current and future standards, protocols and technology. Open architecture is compatible with systems and devices from third-party providers. All of which streamlines integration requirements for MSPs — and equips them to keep property owners on the cutting edge of connectivity, adaptability and security.


Powerful differentiation tool

Our technologies provide unparalleled MSP innovation flexibility. The industry’s most robust API suite makes it easy to build exclusive new features into any RUCKUS enterprise-grade access point, helping to fight provider commoditisation with a truly differentiated service offering. The RUCKUS Professional Services portfolio is available to help MSPs expand the range of their MDU service offering.

Long-term, value-added partnerships

RUCKUS support specialists serve as an extension of the MSP’s troubleshooting team — accessible and eager to help quickly resolve any challenges that emerge. We remain committed to providing MSPs with the very best software, hardware and applications for exceeding the expectations of MDU property owners.

The 4th utility

Centralised, always-on Wi-Fi adds efficiency, convenience and security throughout the MDU property — from individual units, common spaces and business offices to the surrounding grounds and parking areas.

The complete technology solution

The RUCKUS Managed Wi-Fi Network portfolio helps MDU properties deliver more value with less infrastructure.


Capable of running multiple IoT technologies on one unified network, the RUCKUS IoT Suite eliminates the need to run separate networks for each application that uses a different protocol. Instead, the RUCKUS IoT controller supports all the leading protocols and is architected to support future protocols and standards as they arise, as well as near-universal third-party network interoperability.

RUCKUS Access Points

MDU properties often present frustrating problems with Wi-Fi, especially when using consumer-grade technology. Building materials can weaken or totally block radio signals, and poor placement or overuse of access points (APs) can cause co-channel interference. In common areas, entire networks can crash if they’re not configured to handle the excessive demand.

RUCKUS APs with patented BeamFlex™, SmartCast™ and ChannelFly® technologies optimise signal and channel performance in challenging MDU environments. RUCKUS switches ensure a simple, secure and scalable high-performance network with multi-gigabit and enhanced Power-over-Ethernet capabilities.

RUCKUS CloudPath Resident Portal

Unique to the MDU market, RUCKUS Cloudpath Resident Portal provides residents with a simple and secure experience for Wi-Fi onboarding, seamless roaming network, personalisation and IoT-enabled control from their mobile devices.

RUCKUS Analytics

This powerful cloud-based machine learning/ artificial intelligence service provides building managers and ownership groups with valuable insight into network operations. RUCKUS Analytics accelerates troubleshooting and helps to ensure that IT teams meet their network SLAs.

ONECELL® In-Building 4G/5G Small Cell

MDU properties are particularly hostile to cellular signals — and higher-frequency networks like 5G have the hardest time penetrating buildings. With CommScope ONECELL, MDU properties can offer strong, reliable 4G/5G cellular service anywhere on the grounds from within their managed Wi-Fi network. Rock-solid cellular connectivity throughout the property is a benefit that many residents will happily pay for.

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